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Camp Wilcox Group

We construct investment strategies for high net worth clients that are designed to succeed over time in accomplishing unique financial goals.

We strive to provide clients with sound financial advice that is unemotional, forward-thinking and always rooted in thorough research, attention to detail, and our best professional judgment.

Our guiding principle is that our investment strategies should stand the test of time for our clients. We strive to develop investment plans that accomplish each client’s unique goals, and we do so while always remaining focused on what’s important for the long term.

Just as time moves forward without emotion, and the hands of a clock tick on without speeding up, slowing down, or reacting to the news of the day, our team believes that the best investment plans are the ones that are well-constructed, based in thorough research, and rationally reviewed without knee-jerk reactions to the fluctuations of the market.

Clients of ours can expect us to be at their side 365 days a year, through bull and bear markets alike... always keeping close watch on their long-term investment goals and the financial health of their families and businesses.