We can help you envision your ideal financial future and bring it to life

envision wheel.png

The Envision® process is a planning tool used to help prioritize your goals and work toward achieving them. It strives to help you live the one life you live the best way you can, without undue financial sacrifice or overexposure to risk.

“Investment planning” is often simplified by boiler-plate investment mixes and generalized guesswork. While that’s still better than nothing, it’s quite impersonal and rather vague. In steps the Envision process.

This process goes far beyond simply choosing an investment strategy and then hoping for the best. It’s a life planning tool for you and your family, and it helps us properly:
  • Explore your life goals
  • Plan your investments around benchmarks that hold real meaning for you
  • Track your progress toward those benchmarks
  • Re-sync – or rethink – your approach whenever necessary

You can see each of the eight steps listed in the Envision wheel above, but let’s take a closer look at what we’re doing during each phase of this goals-based process.

1. Define Major Life Goals

The process begins with identifying your goals and dreams to help explore the options we have available to help you achieve them.

2. Set Ideal and Acceptable Goals

Setting goals in this way allows us to build your ideal scenario in a perfect world, at the same time outlining acceptable scenarios that still allow you to achieve the goals you have set out to reach.

3. Prioritizing Goals

Prioritizing the goals in order of importance is a critical step in the process. It allows us to outline what is most important to you so we can focus on reaching those goals first.

4. Stress Testing Goals

The Envision “stress test” will test each scenario in 1,000 different simulations. During these simulations, your goals will be subject to random market conditions ranging from up years to down years and everything in between. We can then determine how likely you are to achieve your outlined goals. 

5. Making a Plan of Recommendation

Once we have outlined your ideal and acceptable scenarios, we are able to create a recommended plan specific to you and only you. The plan will outline your specific goals and financial picture – it’s our roadmap, so to speak.

6. Implementing the Plan

Based on your goals, concerns, risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial situation, we are then able to create a custom plan that meets your specific situation. Every situation is different, and the Envision process allows us to cater to your needs.

7. Monitoring the Progress

The most valuable part of the Envision process is your ability to track your progress at any time. Your plan updates progress each night and creates a timely benchmark unique to your goals and situation.

8. Revisiting Your Goals and Priorities

It’s important to factor in changes with your goals along the way. Within Envision, we have the ability to make changes and updates at any time. With this in mind, the plan is always aligned and on track to meet your current goals.
* IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by [name of investment analysis tool] regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time